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Sign Up for 2nd Rapid Age Development Contest

Robert the Rebuilder writes:

Last call for contestants to enter the 2nd Guild of Writers Rapid Age Development contest! This time, the entries will be shells for Ahra Pahts instead of entire ages. Follow the instructions at the link below and sign up before the 30th of June in order to participate:

RAD July Sign up Sheet

New shell entries as well as existing shell entries are allowed. Don't miss out on your chance to contribute to version 1.0 of Ahra Pahts!

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GoW Newsletter - 20080301

Newsletter - 20080301

The Guild of Writers lives on! Exciting new development in the PyPRP Blender plugin should allow for highly advanced effects in Ages, including animated textures, fading sound effects, and better lighting abilities with shadows. Weiterlesen

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Explorer Darryl Pogue
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Must-See Video

See what the Guild of Writers has been up to, and the possibilities for the future ...

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Writers Newsletter 2008-01-01

Welcome everyone to the Guild of Writers. We recently held elections, and we are pleased to announce the following as representatives:

Aloys - Councilor of Building
ChaosSong - Councilor of Sound and Vision
Adam (Hoikas) Johnson - Councilor of Tool Development
Kato - Councilor of Web Management
Darryl (Paradox) Pogue - Councilor of Public Relations

Please visit us online at
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of the councilors, or post on the forums.

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Explorer Darryl Pogue
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D'ni Ages Vs. Our Ages : Resolution

Whilyam posted this over on the Writers forum and I thought it deserved a little wider broadcast. Whilyam said "I recently PMed GreyDragon about a project for Subterranean Restorations regarding D'ni ages. Not sure if this is old news, but I'm happy whenever we get final confirmation :lol: GreyDragon Said " Yes, stay away from the past D'ni. You are the new writers of D'ni. The ages you write would have never been seen by the past D'ni members." So if any Age is going to be "discovered", I think the best course would be to have discovered some other species/surface explorer's attempt at writing. Though I would like to see a contest from Cyan to design a D'ni Age sort of like how people designed stained glass windows."

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